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The Transgender Alliance Society ("TAS") is a volunteer organization in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. We advocate for transgender rights, and facilitate networking between people interested in advocating transgender rights. This Livejournal community exists to help advance the agenda of the TAS.

The Transgender Alliance Society operates according to principles of democratic participation and Robert's Rules of Order. We treasure alliance-building and we encourages volunteer participation in activism, especially around gender issues. The board of the TAS consists of a chair, secretary and treasurer. TAS aims to sponsor a variety of committees, each of which focuses on one or more issues affecting transgender people. If you have a cause, and would like to join or start a comittee, just post.

The TAS welcomes anyone, transgendered, cisgender, or gender-questioning. The TAS welcomes representatives of all groups who support the right of transgender people. The TAS is interested in building alliances. Anyone, TAS member or not, can post to the TAS community Livejournal. So, if you have something that you'd like trans-activists in Vancouver to hear, post it!

This community is moderated by Sasha Fox (who, at present, has no pronoun preference). If you wish to speak to the moderator directly, email saliency atshaw dottsee-ae.